About Us

We are the Gatherin'2020 Online Marketplace

Gatherin2020 is created on the simple premise that everyone can create some positive to enhance the world around them. We believe that with the right resources and opportunities, the people of the Caribbean can produce services, solutions and products that can improve and impact the world. This is the heartbeat and passion that drives us.


Gatherin2020 was developed by CrossMedia Inc. in Barbados and CrossMedia LLC in the United States with the express purpose of making international trade more accessible to small and medium sized businesses within the Caribbean region.

Our commitment is to empower people and creating economic opportunity for all.​

Our Mandate

To Deliver...

the very best Caribbean products and services to the world

To Create...

e-commerce solutions that are accessible to Caribbean small businesses

To Facilitate...

access to a variety of support services for our vendors and businesses at large.

To Provide...

educational and inspiration resources that equip leaders for the international arena

To Promote...

Caribbean Brands collectively and individually to relevant target markets

To Celebrate...

Authentic Caribbean creativity, innovation and culture in its varied forms

We connect millions of buyers around the world, to authentic Caribbean Products and Services

Our hope is to reimagine Caribbean commerce in ways that truly level the playing field and builds a better world for all. We’re committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and bring wealth to those bold enough to be entrepreneurs.

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